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Grease Monkey

19502 Farm to Market Rd 529,  Cypress,  TX 77433
(832) 674-9480

About Us

Our Grease Monkey® Certified Pit Crew offers our customers a service experience that is unrivaled in the automotive industry.  Our highly trained technicians are certified using our proprietary Grease Monkey® Technician Training & Certification Program. Grease Monkey® certified pit crews offers drivers an exceptional experience, delivered with speed and precision following the "less hassle, more hustle!" mantra.

Most vehicles come with a manufacturer's warranty that requires you to maintain it with periodic services. Our Grease Monkey center has highly trained technicians who keep you informed of your vehicle's needs in accordance with the manufacturer specifications. We provide most warranty-required services for less than most dealership prices. We also keep a complete maintenance history for you, taking the hassle out of keeping track of your vehicle's ongoing maintenance routine.

Not only can we help you keep you vehicles maintained, we can also perform those repairs that you need to get back on the road. Whether it's time for brakes, a tune-up or new shocks, we can help. Will get the job done quickly and professionally at a price you can afford.

Founded in 1978, the Grease Monkey™ brand of car care centers has more than 35 years of experience serving our customers. You can count on Grease Monkey™ to get you in, out and on your way with quality car care.

Get in… Get out… Get Grease Monkey

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